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 At this time we only ship to the United States!

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Nintendo 64

RGB Modification Kit – $25 (Free shipping to US)

This comes ready to install with a THS7314 pre-soldered onto an adapter board along with 3x 75 ohm resistors.

N64 RGB Mod Amp

Nintendo 64 with RGB Mod (NTSC) – $110 (Free shipping to US) – Pre-Order (usually takes 3 weeks)

A Nintendo 64 that has been modified to output RGB. You will receive a clean N64 console with normal to no wear. No chips or cracks will be present. No cables, accessories, or jumper paks are included.

Nintendo Entertainment System

NES w/ RGB Mod (NESRGB Board) – Temporarily Out of Stock

NES preinstalled with an NESRGB board. There is a toggle switch underneath to switch between two palette options (Natural and Improved) and to disable the NESRGB board (for use of composite video). It has an 8-pin mini-DIN output for RGB as well as an S-Video output. Audio is output through a 3.5mm jack. It includes an AC Adapter, an OEM controller and an 8-pin mini-DIN cable (for use with an XRGB Mini).


8-pin mini-DIN to SCART (US) adapter  – Temporarily Out of Stock

If you want to use a SCART converter with an RGB modded NES then you will need this adapter.

Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Advance Replacement Lens – $4 (Free shipping to US)

Replacement lens for the original GBA. This is NOT for the GBA SP.

Gameboy Advance Replacement Lens

Sega Nomad

LCD Upgrade Kit $39 (Free shipping to US)

This comes with a fully tested LCD (no ghosting) and a pre-jumpered LCD driver board. This kit is to be used with method 2 only which can be found here. A DC-DC converter (method 1) is no longer recommended. Method 2 is the best method for battery life and ease of installation. It does not currently come with instructions but the link has all of the information on it.

DC to DC Step Up Converter Nomad Blinking Screen Fix

Sega Nomad with Upgraded LCD – Temporarily Out of Stock

Sega Nomad with an upgraded LCD (no ghosting/blinking). The Nomad will be in good condition. There will be no cracks or chips. No accessories, cables, adapters or games included.

Sega Nomad LCD Mod

  1. Hey, do you offer an upgrading service where i send in my own nomad? If so please email me back with how i can do it!

  2. John permalink

    Are you guys doing Game Gear mods? I’d love to have a screen and capacitor job.

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