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Sega Genesis CCAM Crystal Clear Audio Mod Installation

Please keep in mind that we do high quality work and use quality, pre-tested parts. We thoroughly test our work when completed to ensure you get what was agreed upon. Although we love doing this, we don’t want to work for free. We are educated, highly trained, working professionals and our labor costs reflect that.

We do RGB mods, Crystal Clear Audio Mods (CCAM), Repair, Capacitor Replacements, and more!

Fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP.


  1. Frank permalink

    I have original blue sega game gear. I tried to have this guy fix it for me because he had experience replacing capacitors but he gave it back saying it was too hard. I was wondering if a trade can be made I just want a working game gear in good condition. I have all the capacitors he didn’t put in too. Thanks.

    • We might be able to help you out. Go ahead and submit your request via “Get a Quote” and one of us will discuss this with you.

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