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Microsoft Xbox 360 Racing Wheel on Xbox One

December 16, 2013

I have been a pretty big Forza Motorsports fan since the original game on the Xbox. I ended up buying a Microsoft racing wheel for the Xbox 360 a while back and have used it quite a bit since then. It was no surprise to me that the Xbox One would be unable to support last generation’s peripherals. While trying to figure out what options I had, I stumbled across an awesome little device called CronusMax. It basically allows you to use (almost any) controllers from current and last gen on (almost any) consoles from current and last gen. For instance, you can use a PlayStation 4 controller on an Xbox One or an Xbox One controller on an Xbox 360.

CronusMax doesn’t currently support racing wheels (although they said they would be working on that in the near future) but I found that it worked fine with my Microsoft racing wheel… well, almost fine. Aside from the lack of force feedback and rumble, there was a large deadzone in the wheel even after changing it to 0 in the Forza 5 controller options. After doing a small amount of research I found that I could change this pretty easily with the Gtuner scripting tool. Gtuner is the software you will need to get firmware updates and to mess with scripting and macros. Here is a short video of me showing that the wheel works on the Xbox One.

If you decide you want to order one of these, make sure you get the one that says “CronusMax” and not the older versions. I got mine on eBay for $49. If you don’t already have a racing wheel for the Xbox One you can buy a Microsoft Xbox 360 Racing Wheel for $50-$70 on eBay.  You will also need a Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for PC which are around $15. That is a pretty good deal considering the only current option is a poorly rated wheel that costs $400.

*The information below has been updated on 7/15/14*

Racing wheels are not “officially” supported yet. The Following wheels have been tested and work without Force Feedback:

  • Microsoft Racing Wheel ($60) eBay / Amazon
  • Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel ($30) eBay / Amazon
  • Fanatec Turbo 911 S Racing Wheel ($200) eBay / Not available on Amazon

Thanks to Steve Rand and Doc 187 XL for testing their wheels and submitting their results.

The majority of the last gen wheels should work but I would still like to make a complete list of tested wheels. If you would like to contribute, please test out your wheel and post your results in the comments.

At this point there are multiple scripts to choose from. Try a few different scripts and see which one works best for you and your wheel.

If you want more information on the product, check out

  1. There are so many mods out for the Xbox 360 its unreal the things you can do.

  2. Chris permalink

    So plugging in through USB doesn’t work?

    • No. You need to plug a CronusMax into the Xbox One, then plug an Xbox 360 Wiresless Adapter for PC into the CronusMax.

  3. josue permalink

    I have a fanatec csr elite wheel for Xbox 360, ps3 n pc. Can this wheel work with the cronusmax?

    • I have not tested that wheel. One way to test that your wheel works would be to play another game with it (not racing) and see if the steering wheel acts like a left analog stick, then see if the gas/brake pedals act like right and left triggers. If that is the case then your wheel will work.

      • josue permalink

        I also have the same wheel n yes it works bt it is not calibrated one bit and it won’t turn correctly the way it should so way too hard to steer. Needs calibration and update on cronusmax for the fantac csr elite wheel. Please

      • Have you tried using the scripts for the racing wheel?

  4. 1ronnie permalink

    Great product, and due to this effort, I am now racing happily with my old XB360 wheel on XB1. I have upgraded the Script a bit to add some Rumble, and enhanced the sensitivity, CronusMax is quite AMAZING !!!

  5. charlie1994 permalink

    Wait, are you saying that you can use cross generation equipment? I ask because I was given a Logitech DFGT for christmas and I love it and I want an Xbox one but I don’t want to get rid of it.

  6. Is this a useable hack or just something really for show and tell? In other words, are you playing your forza 5 with your hacked 360 steering wheel or are you just using the regular xbone controller?

    • It is useable if you can live without force feedback. I generally run my wheel when trying to set times, otherwise I use a controller.

  7. Stoney permalink

    So if I get it right this only work when you use a cable? I have the microsoft wheel but that’s bluetooth and I dont think there’s an option to connect a cable…

  8. spuxie permalink

    And how about connecting Thrustmaster Ferrari Vibration GT Cockpit 458 Italia Edition (for Xbox 360) to PS4? Is it possible through this device?

    • I have not tried connecting anything to the PS4.

      The CronusMax website states that it requires a Windows PC running the MaxAIM DI Plugin in to work on the PS4.

  9. Where does one find the scripts needed for the force feedback and vibration upgrades?

    • You can download scripts using the Gtuner software. There are no force feedback scripts as it is not supported.

  10. Tien Le permalink

    thank you! I’m so excited to put CronusMax to work. Appreciate your posts!!

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