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Nintendo 64 RGB Mod

October 21, 2013

If you don’t already have an RGB modded Nintendo 64, you are missing out. I’ve done a few of these so I figured I’d write out a little guide (even though there are a bunch of guides in various forums).

Before attempting this mod, make sure your board has the chip VDC-NUS or VDC-NUS-A (Usually US N64 with serial numbers between NS100000000 and  NS168000000). If you don’t have the proper N64, I have a had a lot of luck buying broken N64s on eBay. Most of the time there is nothing wrong with them. When there is something wrong it’s usually minor. So far, they have just been very dirty or needed the controller ports resoldered.

You can buy a pre-soldered N64 RGB kit from our store (currently US residents only) or buy the following parts individually on eBay:

The Nintendo 64 produces RGB signals that get combined into a composite signal. What you do in this mod is pull the RGB video signals from the board, amplify it, and output it to the video connector. From there you can use a US SNES SCART cable connected to a SCART to HDMI converter or a SCART to Component converter. It is a pretty easy mod. Thanks to whoever figured it out!

First you need to wire up the RGB amp just like I did in the picture. The red wire goes to +5 and the green wire goes to ground. The other wires are RGB from top to bottom. The resistor side goes out to the connector and the other side goes to the board.


Now you need to connect it to these points:

Nintendo 64 RGB Mod Points


That’s it! Enjoy your RGB N64!

  1. Koxen permalink

    After doing this whats next?? this converts to scart, then I need another for composite?? please illuminate me

    • What this mod does is bring properly amplified RGB video signals to the connector. You still need a cable that connects to the N64 and carries the RGB to a device that converts or displays the RGB.

      Some examples are: A SNES SCART cable connected to a SCART to HDMI Converter. A SNES 8 Pin Mini Din cable connected to an XRGB mini Framemeister. A SNES RGB BNC cable connected to an RGB CRT.

  2. GloofiE permalink

    I did the mod, but now my system won’t turn on.

    • Make sure you did not bridge anything with the +5 or ground. Also be careful when testing it not to put the expansion or jumper pack in backwards.

  3. The image quality with the RGB is fantastic, the biggest improvements can be seen when using the N64 on a large LCD TV. Great guide, much appreciated.

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