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Nintendo 64 Repair

October 9, 2013

We all know that the Nintendo 64 is a tank. My friend spilled soda inside of mine as a kid while it was powered on and it has been working fine to this day. I never even cleaned it out until I did the RGB Mod on it. That being said, there have been a few problems in other N64s that I have come across.

Obvious Things
Before getting too deep into this, make sure you have checked all of the obvious things. Make sure the Power is plugged in, A/V cable is plugged in, Jumper Pak is in, game is in, correct TV input is selected, etc.

Power Problem
If your console is not powering up at all it is most likely a power supply problem. Try to borrow a working power supply from one of your friends to see if it is your console or the power supply. If you can’t test it, or have determined the power supply to be the problem, there are three fuses in it that you can check.

N64 Power Supply F1 N64 Power Supply F101 F102

If these fuses all check out okay you can try replacing all of the caps on it but I would just buy a new one at this point.

One or More Controller Ports Do Not Work
This is an easy one if you have a soldering iron. Cold solder joints are usually the problem. With all of the plugging and unplugging of the controllers, stress is put on the solder joints which may cause them to break from the board. All you need to do is take apart the N64 and re-solder the controller port to the board.

N64 Controller Port Solder Joints

Games Don’t Work or Work Intermittently
I have not run into a Nintendo 64 that still had this problem after a good cleaning. First, clean the connector on the game cartridge with alcohol and a Q-Tip then use an air duster in the cartridge slot on the N64. If it still has problems, take apart the N64 and just go to town with rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips. You can remove the cartridge connector completely (it pulls right off once the console is apart) and really clean all of that grime out of there. If this doesn’t work there is most likely a problem with the motherboard. At this point, I would just buy a replacement Nintendo 64.

That’s it for now. I’ll update this post as I find new problems/fixes.

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