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Sega Nomad LCD Mod Brightness Control

September 29, 2013

If you have not done the LCD mod yet, read this first. In this post I will be going over how to get limited use of the brightness control for the LCD mod.

The brightness control on the Nomad is a potentiometer that has a range of close to 0 ohms to 47k ohms.  To get limited use of it you can connect the composite video wire to it and add a resistor in parallel. When the resistance in the potentiometer is less than the resistance you put in parallel then the video will go through the potentiometer (brighter). Otherwise it will go through the resistor you added (darkest). Since the potentiometer has such a huge range, it acts more like a switch when doing this mod.

I tried  a few resistors to figure out what works best for me and it seems like 100 ohms is the way to go. You can go to around 200 ohms but it is way too dark in my opinion.

Sega Nomad LCD Mod Brightness Control

In my photos I have the resistor far away from the brightness control pot because it was easier for me to try different resistors that way. You really want the resistor to be as close to the pot as possible. You might want to consider using shielded cable for this mod as well.




That’s it! Remember you will not have much brightness control. Less than 1% of the pot will be used. The range from 100 ohms to 47k ohms will not matter. That is why I said it acts more like a switch. It will either be bright or dim.

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